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Indian Infra Engineering Services

At Indian Infra we provide Engineering Services, Building Information Modeling Digital Engineering and Rendered Visualizations.


We develop innovative solutions directed towards the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.


Indian Infra is currently making a significant process on research and development tasks in parallel with production activities, seeking a synthesis between technology and effective response to the challenges of each project.

 Architectural | Structural | Interior | Mechanical Electrical Plumbing | Fire Fighting.

Building information modelling (BIM)



BIM Process Implementation.

Documentation as per BIM Level 2 / EIR

Model Compliance Auditing as per project BEP and ISO 19650 BIM Level 2 Standards.

BIM Documents Preparation

3D Modelling and 2D Detailing

LOD 200 to LOD 300 - Design Intent modelling.

LOD 350 - Coordinated Model Delivery.

LOD 400 - Construction Model.

LOD 500 - As built Model Delivery.

Clash Coordination

Developing Clash Matrix.

Federation of LOD 300/350 models (ASIMEPF) and identifying the clash coordination

Preparation of clash reports and progress dashboards for Client Consultant review

Scan To BIM

Transfer Redline Drawing Markups to BIM.

Point cloud Scan data to BIM Modelling

Updating model per received Asset Information's.

Issued for Consultant approval.

Construction Simulations

Planning - 4D Model Based Simulations

Bid 4D BIM presentation.

4D BIM Model based scheduling as per the contractor Baseline or working program schedule.


Visual report on Construction Look ahead and Baseline vs Actual comparison.

AEC Data Engineering and Analytics

Data Engineering and Analytics

Building Customized  Data Warehousing Services on AEC  data and developing descriptive dashboards for analysis and wise decision-making

Building Machine learning Modules For Effective operations.

Quantity Survey

Costing - 5D BIM

5D BIM Quantification on design intent and Construction model as well as integrating with 4D Model .

Automated Quantity Survey from BIM Models.

Interactive Dashboards

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Application Development

Developing augmented reality applications for Site validation and

Real Estate AR showrooms.

Customized Training Virtual Reality on site safety modules and Virtual Factory operations.

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